Clear Protection Plus Insurance Plan

Clear Protection Health Insurance Plan from Anthem Blue Cross is a great combination of affordability and coverage. Take a couple minutes to review all of the features, then either get a quote or apply online now.

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The ClearProtection Plus 3300 is the only plan available to new applicants at this time.

Affordable Health insurance

The ClearProtection Plus plan offered by Anthem Blue Cross is one of the lowest priced Individual PPO health insurance plans available in California. This plan is very popular for those who rarely go to the doctor and for those who are looking to protect themselves from a major catastrophic eventBlue Cross health insurance like hospitalization. This product gives you the best of both worlds. It gives you the essential benefits you need at a very affordable price.

There is one remaining ClearProtection Plus plan available that has a $3,300 annual deductible.

One of the reasons why consumers prefer this plan is that the out of pocket maximum includes the annual deductible. With most other plans, you must add the annual deductible to the out of pocket maximum in order to determine what you could be responsible for if something catastrophic happened to you. Once the out of pocket maximum is met, most services will be covered at 100% for the duration of the calendar year. So with this plan you will have an out of pocket of $6,800. Remember with an average daily hospital stay hovering around $10,000 per day, this out of pocket maximums is considered low.

This plan limits the number of office visits to 2 per calendar year at $40.00 per visit (not subject to your annual deductible). Thanks to healthcare reform laws, any preventive care visit that is preventive in nature is no charge. This would include any annual physical exam like a well child visit (including immunizations) an annual gynecological exam, mammogram or even a PSA test just to name a few.

This product offers both generic and brand prescription drug coverage. A formulary drug list applies so it’s a good idea to check to see how your prescription drugs will be covered by this plan. Like most plans offering brand drug coverage, you will be subject to an annual brand drug deductible. In this case the plan has a separate $7,500 annual brand drug deductible. The plan includes generic drugs not subject to any deductible.

With access to over 80,000 doctors and more than 315 hospitals statewide, choosing a doctor or finding your doctor is simple. The Anthem Blue Cross Doctor Finder is just a click away.

The ClearProtection plan offered by Anthem Blue Cross offers just the right amount of protection at an affordable price.

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