Health Net CFB HSA

These two plans are offered to California Farm Bureau Members and have two deductible options to choose from.

Health Net CFB HSA 4500 & 6500 Plans

These two plans are offered to (CFB) California Farm Bureau Members. The California Farm Bureau was established over 75 years ago to support agricultural interests throughout the state of California.Cigna health insurance
Being a member not only allows you the exclusive opportunity to apply for one of these CFB health plans, but you'll also be entitled to various discounts and services (like travel, rental cars and theme park discounts). Anyone can become a member. The annual membership fees are $72 (that can be paid monthly subject to a $2 monthly service fee). Find out more by visiting and see how a California Farm Bureau Membership can benefit you.

This product line has two deductible options. They are HSA compatible which means that you can use them in conjunction with an optional health savings account that you establish at a participating bank. This allows you the opportunity for tax advantages while managing your health care spending. These are high deductible health plans where you will pay for most of the services (deductibles, copayments and other medical qualified expenses) out of your own pocket (or out of your optional health savings account) and then you will use this high deductible health plan (HDHP) for the more catastrophic events such as hospitalization. You will however be entitled to your no charge annual physical exams. You will even be able to add dental, vision, CashNet, and supplemental term life insurance for an additional premium. The medical plan highlights for in-network services include:


Annual Deductible:

$4,500 or $6,000

Out of Pocket Maximum:

$0 per calendar year.

Physician Visit:

$0 after annual deductible.

Annual Routine Exam:

No Charge (pap smear, mammogram, psa, well baby etc).

X-Ray and Laboratory:

$0 after annual deductible.


$0 after annual deductible.

Emergency Room Services:

$0 after annual deductible.


$0 after annual deductible.

Outpatient Surgery:

$0 after annual deductible.

Inpatient Hospital:

$0 after annual deductible.

Maternity care in Hospital:

$0 after annual deductible.

Mental Health Visits:

$0 after annual deductible.

Physical Therapy:

$0 after annual deductible limited to 12 visits maximum per calendar year.


$0 after annual deductible limited to 12 visits maximum per calendar year.


$0 after annual deductible limited to 12 visits maximum per calendar year.

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