Silver 70 Community Care HMO Plan

This is a very popular HMO in California.

Health Net Silver 70 Community Care HMO Plan

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Except for Emergency Care, benefits for Physician and Hospital services under this Health Net HMO Community Care Network plan are only available when you live or work in the Community Care Network service area and use a Community Care Network Physician or Hospital. However, if you receive covered services at a Community Care network health facility at which or as a result of which you receive services provided by a non-contracted provider, you will pay no more than the same cost sharing you would pay for the same covered services received from a Community Care network provider. When you enroll in this Community Care Network plan, you may only use a Physician or Hospital who is in the Community Care Network, except as noted above, and you must choose a Community Care Network Primary Care Physician. You may obtain ancillary, Pharmacy or Behavioral Health covered services and supplies from any Health Net Participating ancillary, Pharmacy or Behavioral Health Provider


Annual Deductible:

$2,500 per individual / $5,000 for family

Out of Pocket Maximum:

$7,000 per individual / $14,000 for family.

Physician Visit:

$35 (deductible waived)

Annual Routine Exam:

$0 (deductible waived)


$35 (deductible waived)

Prescription Drug:

Deductible per Member, Calendar Year $130 Deductible per family, Calendar Year $260

Emergency Room Services:

$350 (deductible waived)


$255 (ground or air)

Outpatient Surgery Facility:

20% (deductible waived).

Inpatient Hospital Services:


Maternity care in Hospital:

Normal delivery, including cesarean section 20% / Postnatal office visit $35 (deductible waived)

Mental Health Visits:

Outpatient $35 (deductible waived) - Inpatient 20%

Physical Therapy:

$35 (deductible waived)


Not Covered.


$35 (deductible waived)

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