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Quick Net Select Short Term Insurance Plans offered by Health Net of California.

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Short Term Insurance (30 to 180 days or 6 months)

Quick Net Select Plans are appropriate for individuals that are:

  1. Students
  2. In between jobs
  3. New employees waiting for group coverage to begin
  4. Temporary employees
  5. Waiting for approval of an individual or family plan
  6. No longer eligible for parent's health plan
  7. Waiting for Medicare

Short Term PPO plans offered by Health Net will waive your deductible for covered expenses in the emergency room or any urgent care facility for that day's treatment if you have an unexpected or unintentional accident while you are covered on a Quick Net Select short term plan.

Visit any of Health Net's 61,000 contracted providers in California. Click here to see if your doctor is on the list.

With a short term plan, you choose between two plans. Quick Net Select 2,000, or the Quick Net Select 4,500. The numbers in the plan name represent the plans annual deductible. Choose a specific number of days (a daily rate from 30 to 180 days) or monthly (up to 6 months). You can request an effective date within 30 days of your signature date. You can even request an effective date on the same day you apply (certain restrictions apply). Payment must be provided to initiate coverage. Application processing times can vary but on average take about 3 business days.

Please note that these short term plans are Non-Renewable. This means that if you need to continue past your benefit period, you may reapply. You will be subject to a $10 reapplication fee and you still must meet the application and underwriting requirements. The total days of coverage for the daily plans cannot exceed 360 days. The total days for the monthly plan cannot exceed 365 days.

If you need to cancel your monthly policy, Health Net will cancel the 1st of the month following receipt of your request. Daily rated policies are paid for in advance and no refunds will be issued with the exception of the 10-day free look period. The 10-day free look period applies to both daily and monthly rated plans.

The Quick Net Select plans do not include any preventive care benefits. Office visit coverage will only be provided once you meet the plans annual deductible. These plans include generic only prescription drugs. No brand drugs will be covered. If you are an individual on this plan and become hospitalized, the maximum amount that you will pay in one calendar year is $5,000 (for the Quick Net Select 2,000) and $9,000 (for the Quick Net Select 4,500). These amounts include the individual deductibles. This is assuming all in-network providers are used.

Short term plans can be a cost effective way to be insured while you are in transition. If you can determine the exact number of days that you will need coverage for, the daily option will be the least expensive.

If you need further assistance with the Short Term plan options, call us at (800) 560-2443 or send us an email.

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