Blue Shield Online Application

Here are some helpful tips for completing your Blue Shield of California online application

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Tips for Completing your Online Application:

1. Do not use your browser's back button. Instead, use the "Back" button or the "Continue" button located at the bottom of each page.

2. Do not use any periods, commas, or apostrophes anywhere on the application.

Blue Shield of California

3. If you answer "YES" to a medical history question, you will need to complete the medical details for that condition. When you have entered the details, you need to click on "SAVE and CLOSE." If at that point you cannot save and close the details box, look for whatever is highlighted in red and correct as necessary.

4. Follow the format shown for the date and phone number fields. If you can't remember an exact date, it's okay to give an approximate date. Sometimes it helps to think about what time of year it was and use that as a guide. If you're having difficulty remembering, you can click on the "I Don't Know The Dates" box.

5. Prescription details do not require dosages or frequency information if it's not available.

6. Once you get to Step 6, you must "Review your Application." If you are over age 18, review the application before submitting it. When the nurse calls, she will ask to speak specifically with each applicant over the age of 18, if they reviewed the application before submitting it. They will return your application if any applying adult family members answer no.

7. When you are ready to apply your E-signature, enter your signature exactly as you see it on the page (if you did not use a middle initial in the name field of your application, don't put a middle initial with your signature). Do not use any dashes or spaces when you enter your Social Security number.

8. At the top of the second Step 6 page, you will see "Verification of Accuracy." Click on that and then scroll down and read the information. Once you have read the accuracy verification information, click on the box that says "I have read and agree to the verification of accuracy information" and then click "Close". You will then see "Terms and Conditions." Click on that and then scroll down and read the information. When you have read the terms and conditions information, click on the box that says "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions" and then click "Close." You will then need to apply your E-signature one more time.

9. A nurse may call within 7 to 10 days after you submit your application to review the application information with any applying family members over age 18, to gather any additional information or clarification needed to continue processing your application.

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