Bronze 60 PPO

Bronze Health Insurance Plans from Anthem Blue Cross are a great combination of affordability and coverage. Take a couple of minutes to review all of the features then get a quote and apply online.

Bronze 60 PPO Health Insurance Plan

Bronze Plans from Anthem Blue Cross of California

Blue Cross health insurance

The Bronze offered by Anthem Blue Cross offers some of lowest priced Individual PPO Plans available in California. This product line offers a simple plan design. It allows for greater cost sharing in order to keep the monthly premiums low. This product line is for those who rarely visit the doctor and want a plan more for catastrophic protection and preventive benefits.

The Bronze plans do not include any doctor office visit coverage until after you meet the plans annual deductible. If however you visit the doctor for preventive care (like an annual physical exam, gynecological exam or PSA test) and the visit is not diagnostic in nature, the visit is no charge provided you stay within the network.

The Bronze plans all include generic and brand prescription drug coverage subject to a drug formulary list. There is a separate annual drug deductible of $4,500. Check to see how your prescription drugs will be covered before you apply.

Primary Care Visit: 40% after deductible
Inpatient Hospital Services: 40% after deductible
Medical & Drug Deductible: $4,500
EHB & Drug OOP Max: $6,250

This individual PPO product line uses the Prudent Buyer Network of doctors and hospitals. You will have access to nearly 80,000 doctors and more than 315 hospitals within California. Visit the ProviderFinder to search for your doctor within the network.

With the Bronze plans, you pay less for your monthly premium but you pay more when you get care. You have broad benefits with deductibles, copays and coinsurance that may be higher than the other metal level plans.

If you're looking for catastrophic benefits with no charge preventive benefits, this is the plan for you!

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