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Save Money on Your Health Insurance with an Online Health Insurance Quote

If you live in California you probably have heard about the double digit increases in the cost of private health insurance. Several of the largest insurers in the state, including Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield and other heavy hitters, have recently made the news by hiking premiums as much as 40% on their loyal policyholders.

While the government has promised to step in and investigate the situation, it is still important for health care consumers to protect themselves from these increases by shopping around on their own. Using an online Health Insurance Quote price comparison tool is one of the best ways to check the status of the health insurance market and see if you can save yourself some money.

Gather Your Documents
Before you start using an online health insurance quote site, it is important to prepare carefully. Without solid information on your health care spending and your needs, even the best quotes will be somewhat meaningless. Knowing how much you spent in the last year on doctor’s visits, prescription drugs, deductibles and co-payments will help you determine which type of policy is best for you.

For instance, if your health care spending generally amounts to an annual physical and a few doctor’s visits to treat a runny nose or a cough, you might be best served with a high deductible health plan, known in health insurance circles as an HDHP. In exchange for accepting a higher deductible, health care consumers in the state of California can save significant money on their premiums. Those savvy shoppers can then funnel the money they save into a health savings account, or HSA. The money in the health savings account can in turn be used to pay for the cost of health care up to the higher deductible..

Check Online for the Best HDHP Quotes
Online comparison tools can be particularly valuable when shopping for a high deductible health plan. An online health insurance quote shopping site helps you easily compare policies to determine the combination of deductible and co-insurance that will give you the most affordable premium with the least amount of risk.

As you can expect, as the deductible on an HDHP goes up, the premium goes down. It is up to each consumer using the online comparison tool to determine the level of deductible he or she is comfortable with. Some consumers will happily accept a $5,000 or even a $10,000 deductible in exchange for a super low premium, while others will be nervous with a deductible in excess of $2,000. The whole idea behind a high deductible health plan is to provide coverage for truly catastrophic illnesses and emergencies, while allowing the consumer to self-insure for more routine expenses. With the help of an online comparison tool, you will be able to easily see how the deductible level affects the monthly premium for the policy.

Comprehensive Coverage
Of course the HDHP option is not the right choice for everyone, and online comparison tools can help California shoppers find the best deal on more comprehensive health insurance policies as well. If you need first dollar coverage to protect yourself and your family, you can use an online comparison tool to find the lowest rate and the best possible coverage.

One of the biggest advantages of using an online Health Insurance comparison tool is the ability to compare various policies at a glance. The results you get from such a tool spell out the details of each policy clearly, including the deductible, the co-payment percentage, the coverage amounts and the monthly cost of an individual or family policy. These online tools can cut the time it takes to compare all available policy from a matter of weeks to a matter of minutes.

Going Out on Your Own
These days many people are finding themselves navigating the tricky waters of the individual health care market. For some lucky people, the reason for the change is that they have started a new business and are now ready to leave the corporate world behind. For others the circumstances are not so fortuitous. With unemployment running so high, any people find themselves not only without a job but without health insurance as well. While in many cases employers are required to offer COBRA coverage to laid off workers, the costs of that continuing coverage can often be prohibitive, especially to the newly unemployed.

That is why it is so important for anyone in need of an individual health insurance policy, no matter what the circumstances, to check out the online comparison tools available to them. If you are starting your own business, these online comparison tools can help you find the best policy to protect yourself, your family and possibly your workers as well. If you are newly unemployed and wondering whether COBRA is really the best option, an online comparison site can help you shop around for the best possible value. In many cases you might find that there are policies available on the individual market with a far more affordable premium than that offered by your employer under the COBRA law.

New Graduates
Newly minted high school and college graduates can also benefit from an online health insurance comparison tool. If you have just graduated from high school or college, or if you are looking forward to graduation, you need to start thinking about adult subjects like health insurance coverage. Even if you are young and healthy, an accident or illness could befall you, and without the right health insurance the debts you rack up could follow you for the rest of your adult life.

So do yourself a favor – before you graduate from college or high school, spend a few minutes on a health insurance quote comparison website looking for short term insurance policies. These special policies are designed specifically for the needs of those who are looking for their first jobs, or those who find themselves between jobs. Short term policies can be surprisingly affordable, especially if you are young and in good health. These policies also provide vital protection if you are working a job that does not provide health insurance. In today’s world it can take many months for a new high school or college graduate to find any job, let alone one with full health insurance benefits. The short term health insurance policy you find with an online comparison website can help you get the coverage you need while you search for a job where you can use the knowledge you have just gained.

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