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More and more individuals today are having a difficult time locating affordable health insurance. What they feel they want and need versus what they can afford leads them to consider alternatives to stay within their budget.

Health care costs today are at an all time high. The premiums being charged for health plans coupled with the growing number of those uninsured is a direct result of those increased medical costs. Those individuals and families shopping for health insurance are gravitating towards the major medical or catastrophic coverage.

Major Medical Insurance policies are the most commonly found type of policies that include comprehensive coverage anywhere from doctor office visits to inpatient surgeries. Those incidents that range from the minor illnesses or injuries to the major things will be covered under a major medical policy. These premiums tend to be more costly because of the amount of coverage that they provide.

Catastrophic Health Insurance coverage is less expensive than major medical insurance simply because it covers less. Most of the benefits won’t be provided until after you satisfy a plans annual deductible. It will cover things like hospitalization, surgeries and things related to those catastrophic incidences. Look at these plans as being very limited in nature. Anyone considering one of these types of plans may want to use it in conjunction with a health savings account that could potentially maintain at least enough money to pay for the plans annual deductible if and when it is necessary. Make sure that that if you plan to use a health savings account in conjunction with a catastrophic plan, that the plan you choose is hsa compatible. Not all high deductible health plans (HDHP) are hsa compatible.

Whether you choose a Major Medical Insurance policy or a Catastrophic Health Insurance policy, keep in mind that the higher the deductible, the lower the premium. Having at least one of these types of policies in place will help protect you and your family from financial devastation.

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