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PPO Share Health Insurance Plans from Anthem Blue Cross are some of the most comprehensive insurance plans on the market.

PPO Share – An Old Favorite Reinvented

PPO Share health plans no longer comply with the ACA. 01/01/2014 PPO Share plans are no longer available for new clients.

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Anthem Blue Cross PPO Share Plans

The Individual and Family PPO Share product line offered by Anthem Blue Cross is an old favorite product line that has been reinvented in order to comply with new health care reform laws. With enhanced benefits, this product line remains a favored choice by young families who don’t mind paying a little more for their benefits.

This product line offers 3 plans. The annual deductibles range from $3,500 to $7,500. The plansBlue Cross health insurance include maternity coverage and unlimited doctor office visits not subject to the plans annual deductible. In order to comply with health care laws, this plan offers no charge preventive benefits that include annual physical exams, pap smears, mammograms, well infant and child care, immunizations and psa tests. With the PPO Share $3,500 and the PPO Share $5,000 you will need to add the respective annual deductible to the out of pocket maximum in order to figure out what your out of pocket costs could be if something catastrophic happens. With the PPO Share $7,500 there is no out of pocket maximum. So once you meet your annual deductible, most services will be covered for the duration of the calendar year. The plans each include generic and brand prescription drug coverage. Like most plans, the brand drug coverage will be subject to a separate annual brand drug deductible. In this case, it’s a $750 annual brand drug deductible. Anthem Blue Cross uses a drug formulary so make sure you check to see how your prescriptions will be covered before you apply for this plan.

This plan offers individuals and families comprehensive benefits to meet the minor and major medical incidences that occur in life. For those requiring richer benefits and don’t mind paying a little more, are very content with this plan.

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