Tonik Health Insurance:

Tonik Health Insurance: Thrill Seeker, from Anthem Blue Cross Tonik offers a straight-up, practical and reasonably priced health care plan specifically designed to cover A to Z’s just like yours.

Anthem Blue Cross Tonik Health Care: The Thrill Seeker

Individuals’s have been deciding to not optain health insurance because of an assortment of factors. From being removed from a family health plan because of age restrictions or university supported health care plan or others believe that the combination of expense and their own enviable health status means they don't need it. Other individuals are employed by firms that don't offer or no longer afford to offer employee health care benefits. tonik blue cross logo

The Tonik 5000 Thrill-Seeker plan is one of the most popular PPO health insurance plans that Anthem Blue Cross of California offers for young healthy individuals. It features $5000 deductible which is also the annual out of pocket. You will only need to pay $20 for your office visit co-pay (4 visit maximum). It provides Inpatient and Outpatient Hospital Care after you meet your annual deductible.

Anthem Blue Cross Tonik Health Care Thrill-Seeker plan includes:

· Up to four doctor’s office visits each year at a twenty dollar per visit co-payment when using a Anthem Blue Cross preferred provider. PPO Prudent Buyer Network
· Generic prescription medication for a $15 co-payment per prescription.
· $5,000 annual deductible and $0 annual out of pocket maximum.
· $0 after deductible is met for emergency room visits.
· $0 Inpatient hospital stay after plan deductible has been met.
· You'll pay $0 for cleanings, exams and X-rays. After you pay your $25 deductible, you'll pay 20% for minor restorative procedures like fillings. We'll pay up to $500 per year for your dental benefits. Optional Tonik Enhanced Dental offers even more benefits. Ask your Agent or Blue Cross Representative.
· You pay $25 for basic eyeglass lenses & receive up to $100 toward frames or $80 toward contact lenses very 24 months. In addition we'll pay $50. for an eye exam or to help out on the cost of glasses or contact lenses every 12 months.

Note: The Anthem Blue Cross Tonik Health Insurance Plans does not include an option for maternity coverage. So, Thrill-Seekers considering parenthood will need to look into alternative BCBS health insurance opportunities.

Download Thrill Seeker Benefits Summary (.pdf)

If you any have questions regarding Anthem Blue Cross Tonik Health Insurance don’t hesitate to shoot us an email or call us at 1-800-560-2443.

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